Taking Skills to the Next Level!

Shawn Marler July 19, 2016

What an exciting, beautiful summer day at Camp Rockmont! Mondays are for all day skills here at camp, and today was an especially fun day, beginning with camp-wide Morning Watch! All campers and staff sang, danced, and worshipped God together with excitement this morning. We were also rain-free today, so we maximized the outdoor fun! Campers with waterfront skills were most definitely grateful for the clear skies.

With today being the fourth skill day of the session, campers are beginning to really hone their skills. Today in Ceramics, campers learned the basics of glazing their pottery. Last week, they hand built animals or creative creatures with holes in them; when finished, the holes allowed the pieces to be used as a whistle! Campers got to glaze their whistles today, so the finished product will be complete by next skill!

Campers in Kayaking had a thrilling skill as they got to come on the waterfront and play basketball in their kayaks! Some of the Swim Sports skill campers got to work on their speed on the Gully Washer in time trials, and the Paddle Boarders played water dodgeball! Mountain Biking skill’s campers biked a tricky downhill trail and found a great deal of fun in the challenge. Also, campers in Climbing skill worked on tree climbing today! Tree climbing requires large amounts of focus as campers have to work on rope climbing at the same time. Today was tournament day for Basketball skill, and in Horseback Riding, campers got to enjoy trail rides on the mountain.

After dinner tonight, Bear Campers played Star Wars, complete with music over the camp loud speakers and staff members dressed as characters from the movies. Their mission was to destroy the Death Star before the dark side destroyed the planet Naboo. The campers in Deer Camp had a surprise movie night in the gym. After a long day of skills, movie night is a quite welcome moment to relax and cool off. The young men of the Poplar Tribe headed into the woods right after fourth skill for a cabin campout. After building a fire, the Poplars got to roast hot dogs and s’mores before sleeping under the stars! Following dinner and before bedtime, the Sycamore Tribe had a Night Swim at the waterfront!

We ended our day with cabin devotions, looking at Mark 6:30-44. We discussed the good news that God provides more than enough and cares about all of our needs, both physical and spiritual. We went to bed with full hearts!

This evening’s Bible story…
Story: Jesus Feeds More than 5,000 People!
Scripture: Mark 6:30-44
+ Where do you connect with the story?
+ What’s the good news?

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