A Friday Full of Skills, Challenge, & Growth!

Shawn Marler July 2, 2016

What an incredibly beautiful Friday it was at Rockmont! Today brought a great deal of fun for all here at camp as we went to all four skill periods. When asked about his favorite skill, Deer Camper Seth commented that he loves Rock Climbing and is also having a great time at guitar where he’s learning one of our favorite camp songs. Jonah of Cabin 16 shared that he loved holding one of our snakes in Nature.

Deer Camper Johnny was asked about the coolest thing he has learned so far at camp, and he said “I really have enjoyed mountain biking. It’s really fun and challenging.” One of the many wonderful aspects of camp is the opportunity for campers to unplug and really have a chance to be boys. Salters was asked about his favorite tribal activity, and he said he loves playing Risk with the Hickory Tribe. Salters said, “It’s so fun because there are so many teams, and that makes it harder. You have to really think about strategies in order to win.”

Along with campers getting to go to all four skills today, both Bear Camp tribes went on campouts before dinner! The Buckeye tribe is headed to a cabin campout where they will get to merge together with other cabins and get to know different campers. The Birch tribe is headed out for a tribal campout. There they will bond closer as a complete tribe. At both campouts, the boys will be building fires, searching for s’mores sticks, and enjoying those s’mores before sleeping under the stars! These campouts also give campers the great opportunity to enjoy being outdoors together and to take in the wonders of Creation!

Right after dinner, the Deer Camp tribes headed to the slip ‘n’ slide. Afterwards, they got their shot at the Gulley Washer, the paddleboards and canoes, and the zip line! At the end of the evening, the Hickory Tribe enjoyed a Night Swim just before bed!

Mountain Camp was in for a treat tonight with a much-needed relaxing movie night! As with most nightly activities here at Rockmont, the Mountain Campers were surprised with their nightly activity at dinner. They were quite excited!

Today was a great day here at Rockmont, and it will end with a fantastic devotion at the cabins. Tonight, campers and counselors will be studying Matthew 6:5-15. In these verses, Jesus teaches his followers how to pray, sharing the example of The Lord’s Prayer. After reading, they will discuss where campers connect with the passage and what the good news is. As well all know, there is much good news to be received when we speak with our Father through prayer.

This evening’s Bible story…
Story: Jesus Teaches His Followers How to Pray
Scripture: Matthew 6:5-15
+ Where do you connect with the story?
+ What’s the good news?

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