Shine Your Light

Shawn Marler June 9, 2016

Light! Today at camp we were given the wonderful gift of a beautiful blue, cloudless sky. It has been longer than I can remember since we have had such a cloudless light-filled day, and campers have been using every moment of it right up until I write these very words. The pace of camp has only quickened since everyone arrived on Sunday, and we are deep into the spirit of what it means to live in community and friendship with one another here at Rockmont.

The kids woke up to an incredible, cool morning with pancakes and sausage ready to be shared! Straight from breakfast campers went back to their cabins for cabin cleanup and morning watch. As I sat in the roundhouse working on plans for the day, my ears were filled with shouts of Rockmont classics and counselors and kids alike were dancing with arms flailing. And just when the noise reaches its pinnacle, the campers are invited to a time of quiet and story; a time when they are told about the Great Commandment of loving our neighbor and how we can live that here at camp, and especially when we go home.

After morning watch, it was that time of the day to run without abandon. Camp was covered in kids running, chasing, and working together to capture a flag or gather as many balls as they could and deposit them in the bins during Powerball. Games at camp have always been more than just playing and winning or losing. You can see the energy emerge from campers as they shout strategic directions to their teammates as how to best accomplish their tasks. Campers are forced to look at one another during Powerball, communicate their ideas and then break free from their stand still and leap into the laughter, sprinting, and madness that are Tribal Activities.

The afternoon brought a heavy dose of learning and adventure as campers set off into skills! For many of the campers, this is the first time they have drawn back the heavy string of a bow and arrow and then released that strength and aim into their very first shot. Camp was buzzing with campers doing everything from playing table games, to making necklaces out of clay in Ceramics, to feeding the chickens and helping out Farmer John on the farm. As these new skills and opportunities come, campers continued to step into them eager to grow and learn all they can.

After a long day at camp, it is a beautiful sight walking into Eden Hall and seeing the excitement on camper’s faces as they share stories from their day over a meal of chicken fajitas. Some campers display the crafts they worked so hard at, others tell stories of how they paddle boarded for the first time, while others talked about how much fun Dam building was in the stream! These are the aspects of Rockmont that continue to give the gift of friendship and invite kids into the story of growth that is becoming a young man and living in a community.

When it finally came time to settle down into the cabins, we shared together the story of Jesus healing the paralyzed man. The house where Jesus was speaking in Capernaum was so packed that the room could not be entered into in the traditional way, so the man’s friends decided they must go through the roof. It’s not always in the most traditional way that we see Jesus, but just like the friends making a hole in the roof to lower their friend in, so too is Jesus using us all to welcome each other into His greater story of love and growth for us. Here at Rockmont, we are embracing that gift under the light of beautiful blue skies and stars alike.

With Gratitude,

Andrew Ginn
Program Director

This evening’s Bible story…
Story: Jesus Heals the Paralyzed Man
Scripture: John 3: 1-17
+ Where do you connect with the story?
+ What’s the good news?

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