Settling In

Daniel Weatherby June 7, 2021


I love Opening Day for so many reasons – seeing the returning campers reunite with friends, and witnessing first-year campers look out over the waterfront for the first time (generally their eyes get really, really big!).

And I love the first full day of camp even more.

After cabins have participated in a few getting to know you games, played a few group activities, enjoyed a few good meals, and received a good night’s sleep, they wake up to a day FULL of cabin fun, and they start to settle into the routines of camp, and find ways to thrive within them.

Some of my favorite aspects of Bear Camp are the in-between moments: between the lodge and an activity, between two skill locations, or even between the Birch Lodge and the Dining Hall (about 60 feet). 

A cabin of Bear campers and Bear Camp counselors can turn these transitional periods into some of the greatest adventures.

Today, I got to witness Cabin 4 traveling from Homesteading to the Ship between skills. Their counselors, Jackson and Jonas, turned what otherwise could be a pretty nominal walk into an ADVENTURE.

The entire cabin ran from tree to tree, rolled down the hill behind the ship, and when they approached the stream where their next skill was beginning, they were giggling, talking, and having an absolute blast.

It is remarkable to see camp come alive again! It is always life-giving to witness campers, counselors, and program staff settle into the week and begin to find their unique way to THRIVE.


Daniel Weatherby

Bear Camp Director


P.S. Base Camp left for their week FULL of adventures – tubing, rafting, mountain biking, and much more. I’m sure you’ll be hearing more about that as we move through the week!

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