Rockmont’s 2019 Service & Leadership Corps Directors

Daniel Weatherby May 14, 2019

We’re very excited to let you in on some huge news coming out of Grey Eagle Lodge. Rockmont’s Service & Leadership Corps will have a Director and a Guide, each with tons of Camp credibility. They’re fit to ensure the experience is both incredibly fun and deeply impactful.

With over 25 years of Rockmont Experience between them, introducing…

[drumroll, please]

Your 2019 Service & Leadership Corps Director, Christopher “Bozzy” Boswell!


Your 2019 Service & Leadership Corps Guide, Micah Davis!

Bozzy began at Rockmont in the early 2000’s as a Buckeye, and spent time in each of the 6 Rockmont Tribes. After his Camper years, he made the decision to Return and Contribute by becoming a Counselor in Training (an earlier version of our SLC program), a multi-year Counselor, a Tribal Director, and most recently the director of our Paladin program.

He’ll be joining us a year after graduating from Duke Divinity School with his Masters of Divinity and directly from serving as a Chaplain at the VA in Durham, NC.

Micah Davis joins us from Engineering School at Clemson University, and his experiences at Rockmont began at an incredibly young age. Micah’s first house was our Rock House, in the center of Rockmont, and he spent the first 18 years of his life running all over Camp! If there’s a role at Camp, it’s likely he’s worked in it.

Micah & Chris are incredibly excited to foster a tight-knit community of personal growth, hard work, leadership training, and loads of fun. Whether you know them yet or not, we’re ready to report that the 2019 SLC program is poised to be a Summer Experience of a lifetime – Micah & Christopher will be here to make sure of it all summer long!

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Christopher Boswell at the summit of Mount Mitchell
Micah Davis, always sporting a smile

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