Sacred Space

Dan Davis June 16, 2021

It’s difficult to walk the land at Rockmont and not think of beauty. 

The beauty at camp is undeniable as you stand on the deck of Eden Hall and take in the view of the watershed. 

That is just one of many views that can take your breath away at camp. During the summer, the beauty and power of camp always includes the campers and staff.

Beautiful spaces can become sacred spaces when you add a community that is trying to live into a mission that sees everyone as important.

A community that shares the experience of friendship, fun, food, and adventure. We want every camper to be really seen every day — seen in a way that helps them feel they are an important part of life at Rockmont. We ask the question, “Are you feeling strong and are you having fun” to every camper every day.

Today was beautiful and sacred!

The morning temperature was 55 degrees, and then we enjoyed a gorgeous sunny day of morning tribal activities and afternoon skills

We then had our first camp-wide evening watch of this session! It was wonderful to hear the campers singing with all their might on the upper soccer field. “My Roots Grow Down” is still one of the camper’s favorite songs. 

And we continuously hope that each of your sons grow deep roots at Rockmont.



Dan Davis

Director of Camper and Family Development


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