Sacred Rhythms

Josh Braden July 19, 2015

One of our great enthusiasms here at camp is that every moment and movement has its place and time in life. No day deserves to be passed by without you and I seeing what it has to offer us. And so our invitation in life is to be fully there, wide-eyed and expectant that the Spirit is moving. What a wild way to live!

When you get a group of five hundred folks doing that together, life seems to emerge in new and fresh ways. That’s why every morning we begin with a morning watch, where we gather together as tribes to look ahead at the day expectantly; why we have a rest period midway through the day; and why we have a time of cabin devotions right before bed to reflect on all that’s happened. Sunrise to sunset, each day seems to fall into a sacred rhythm, and it’s our joy to show up and be a part of it.
The sessions at camp fall into a similar rhythm. Believe it or not, the energy in the second week is quite a bit different than that of the first. Campers have become close with their cabin-mates, their counselors, and their tribe. They’ve got some experience under their belt and a swing in their step. This is good stuff. Life moves, and we get to move with it.

Today is Saturday, a day of transition from that first week to the second. To me, it’s Saturday that feels like a big ole celebration of all we’ve done the first week. We kick it off with the once a session, and much celebrated sugar-cereal breakfast. This afternoon, Bear Camp had a wild time in the Waterfront Olympics, Deer Camp played what we boldly claim is the best game at Rockmont, Outbreak, and while some of Mountain Camp is out rafting, the rest are here playing Gladiator on the dam. Without a doubt, it’s been a great day. But tonight holds a special time of celebration: we’re having over our dear friends from Camp Hollymont to dance, make crafts, and hang out. It’s a crazy-fun time for both camps. We’re all quite excited.

So tonight marks the end of this beloved first week. Our part in the sacred rhythm in this moment is to rejoice in all that’s happened here so far. And tomorrow, we’ll take a day of rest to reflect, recharge, and get ready for all that’s ahead.

See you on the dancefloor,

Josh Braden

2015 Hemlock Tribal Director

Tonight’s Bible Story…
+Story: Zacchaeus
+Scripture: Luke 19:1-10

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