Running in the Rain

Will Campbell July 17, 2021

Today we ran in the rain.

At Rockmont camp wide games are the holy grail of tribal activities. They touch every corner of camp. Stretching from inspiration point all the way to the golf course.

Camp wide games are often the most intricate, and thus they create the most excitement.


This afternoon Deer Camp played Outbreak, an all time camper favorite. Six cups of paint are hidden around camp, and the campers have to find all the colors in order to create the cure. The game requires teamwork, stealth, and determination.

It requires a willingness to run


Camp Rockmont is situated in the North Fork Valley of the Swannanoa river.

The valley serves as the watershed for the City of Asheville. This means that on most summer afternoons, there is plenty of rain


During the middle of the game, the rain started to roll in.

This did not deter spirits. The game went on as campers ran through puddles, ducked for cover, and got some mud on their shorts. We have a saying at Rockmont that goes, “when it rains… we get wet!”

The freedom to play outside, and play safely in the rain (with no lightning in the area) is a gift. One that we celebrate at camp.


A rainy day has not slowed us down!

This evening, all of Rockmont is engaging in a fort building competition. They are being judged on theme, structural code compliance, and of course creativity.

From the warmth and dryness of the cabins, we’re still finding plenty of ways to have fun.


Will Campbell

Deer Camp Director

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