Rockmont Smiles

Chuck Flournoy June 18, 2021

Today was a Rockmont Smile kind of day!

I smile myself as I write that, because it reminds me of when our son was a camper; we’d look through all the online photos and see a smile so big it jumped off the screen. It was like no other.

It was his Rockmont Smile!


I saw a ton of those today.

The young men of Deer Camp smiled as they came back down the mountain after having conquered a night under the stars and a morning hike to Eden Rock. Bear Campers were all smiles this evening as they headed up the Boundary Trail after dinner to camp out in the Adirondack shelters.

In between was a day filled with tribal activities this morning, free swims and a full afternoon of skills. This evening Deer Camp is watching an outdoor movie, while Mountain Camp enjoyed a full-throated game of Gladiator. I’m confident we squeezed every ounce of opportunity out of the day.

It was safe, FUN, and meaningful!


The weather this week has been glorious. The Craggy mountains have seemed so close you want to reach out and touch them. This morning the mist rolled off the lake as the sun rose, portending a great day. The fish under the Eden Hall deck have been biting. The campers in the Nature skill got to see a small water snake trying to eat a big sunfish. Hammers were pounding metal in blacksmithing. Arrows zinged into targets in archery. We had ice cream sandwiches for dessert after lunch. 


Come to think of it, maybe I have a Rockmont Smile too! 


Chuck Flournoy

Program Director

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