Rockmont Comes Alive in Oxford!

Shawn Marler February 1, 2012

On Tuesday night, 540 miles west of Black Mountain, Rockmont was vibrantly alive in Oxford, Mississippi! Veteran campers, along with their families and friends, gathered at the Byars home to get a taste of what Rockmont is all about. The living room was full of excited boys as we talked about flying down the zip line during free swim, discussed what it’s like to churn home-made ice cream at homesteading, and answered every possible question you could ask about kayaking. These young men were truly passionate about camp! Along with discussing the incredibly fun and engaging activities at camp, we also viewed the brand new Why Rockmont? animation, which you can view now on our homepage. Parents were able to catch a vision for how all of this incredibly fun programming is the platform by which we seek to help boys grow into the responsible, contributing men that God is calling them to be. The time we shared in Oxford was a real treat, and we look forward to seeing our friends there come east in a few months for another powerful summer of growth!

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