Resources for Raising Men

Camp Rockmont December 3, 2013

Many of the men that have come to our Father-Son Weekends and male development talks have asked for more information on raising and developing young men. We’ve put together this list of books that we’ve found helpful in constructing our program and training. They’re in no particular order. We hope you find them useful and engaging.

From Wild Man to Wise Man -Rohr/Martos

From Boys to Men -Stephenson

Adam’s Return -Rohr

The Hero’s Journey -Campbell

Raising a Modern Day Knight -Lewis

Celebration of Discipline -Foster

Raising Cain -Kindlon/Thompson

Iron John -Bly

Rite of Passage -McBride

Do Hard Things -Harris/Harris

Soul Brothers -Rohr/Glanzman

Walking with the Wind -Lewis

Wild at Heart -Eldredge

Stories from the Bible

The Price of Privilege -Levine

Season of Life -Marx

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