Refreshing the Rockmont Spirit

Shawn Marler June 21, 2015

It’s hard not to feel refreshed and renewed when you encounter God in a different way. If there’s one thing I’ve learned at Rockmont these past couple of years it’s that God is always showing up in new and exciting ways to our campers and staff. This only means that there are countless ways to renew your spirit while attending camp. For some, it’s hiking up the mountain to a campout and realizing that when God created the wilderness he said “it was good,” and the lessoned learned is that our God can be wild at times. For others, it’s the accomplishment of finding the confidence to approach a Hollymont camper and introduce themselves, realizing that our God is a relational God who wants us to be relational as well.

As we finished out the first week of camp, we were approached with many opportunities to encounter God in a new way. Bear Camp tribes had breakfast at their campout sites, with Buckeye making a small hike up to Choctaw Rock to enjoy a Morning Watch with a view, and Birch finishing up their tribal campout with a campsite Morning Watch and then heading back down the mountain to camp in time for lunch. Deer and Mountain Camps enjoyed the sugar cereal breakfast back at camp before heading off to tribal activities. Deer Camp played Outbreak while Mountain Camp took their skills to the waterfront for the Waterfront Olympics.

The kitchen staff really brought it today when they prepared for our meals. For lunch the whole camp feasted on sweet and sour chicken with rice and vegetables, followed by a fortune cookie desert. A well-needed rest period brought Bear Camp to the Cola Stop for their after-campout treats and ushered us into afternoon tribal activities. Bear Camp played Super Mario as the younger guys got the chance to rescue the princess from Bowser. As this happened, Mountain Camp played camp-wide Risk and Deer Camp took competed in the Waterfront Olympics.

The day only got better as we moved from free swim into a delicious dinner of barbeque chicken, potato chips, and baked beans. Afterwards the campers and staff welcomed Camp Hollymont with open arms for our Saturday Night Social. The Social featured a lip-synch battle between Rockmont staff and Hollymont staff, an open gym for any dancers, yard games out in front of the gym, a blazing fire down at the waterfront fire pit, bead animals, and countless young men showing their chivalrous side as they chatted with the ladies from Hollymont. Now that we head to sleep feeling refreshed after a week’s worth of camp, we are ready for God to show up yet again for the second week. Looking forward to seeing how God will move as we head into Sunday.

With thankfulness,
Jake Lawing
Birch Tribal Director

Today’s Bible Story:
The Sermon on the Mount: Love your Enemies
Matthew 5:38-48
-Where do you see yourself in the story?
-What’s the good news?

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