Reflecting on Growth

Shawn Marler August 3, 2016

After a restful weekend here at camp, it was time re-enter into our normal schedule with renewed energy on Monday. We wasted no time Monday morning jumping right back in with a camp-wide Morning Watch and a day full of skills. After spending a week in their skills, campers are starting to expand and grow within these activities. Climbing moved off the wall and ascended into Tree Climbing and Horseback went on their Trail Rides. The Waterfront remained constantly active as well as Gully Washer time trials were taking place and Paddleboarding was playing a reverse dodgeball style game called Gauntlet. Now that the second week of our last session starts, campers are truly able to refelct on how much they have grown in just one week.

As Skill times began to slow down and camp transitioned to dinner, it was time for Evening Activities to begin. For the Poplar Tribe this meant departing for their Cabin Camp Out. These Mountain Campers learned how to start their own fires and cooking the food for the rest of their brothers. The night brought all of them closer together by growing in friendship and experience. Everyone else took a more low-key approach to the night. The Buckeye Tribe had a Cabin Camp-In and spent the night roasting smores in the Lodge and preforming the skits that they created for their tribe. Deer Camp descended from their hill to watch Master of Disguise in the Gym and the Birch Tribe also watched Zootopia in their Lodge. It was a great way to recover from our very busy day.

Tonight as campers go to bed, wherever they are laying down their heads, they will be asked to reflect on Luke 15:11-24, The Story of the Prodigal Son. As the last week of the summer begins, we ask for you and your campers to anticipate how your campers’ journey here at Rockmont has allowed them to grow and how you can continue to foster that change when they return home.

Monday evening’s Bible story…
Story: Story of The Prodigal Son
Scripture: Luke 15:11-24
+ Where do you connect with the story?
+ What’s the good news?

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