Brrring. Brrring. “Good afternoon. This is Camp Rockmont.”

Camp Rockmont May 7, 2020

Have you ever called the Rockmont office? If so, then you likely have had the distinct pleasure of speaking with Rebecca Becker, the Camp Registrar. With her joyful lilt, she is usually the one extending a warm greeting.

For nearly nine years, Rebecca has faithfully served as an advocate for everyone in the Rockmont community. Perhaps one of her greatest attributes is that she deeply cares about people. She gives her full attention to those in her midst, shows interest in their stories, encourages their growth, and supports their health and well-being. 

Parents know Rebecca as the one who patiently answers their questions and allays their worries about sending their sons to camp. Campers light up when she calls them by name in the Camp Store and they wonder how she knows them. Staff members appreciate the ways she intentionally encourages and challenges them all throughout the year.

Rebecca knows the positive power of camp and of the intrinsic value of each person that comes through our gates. Now, we acknowledge the positive impact she has had on Rockmont and her immeasurable value to us. 

It is with immense gratitude for Rebecca’s many contributions and her steadfast dedication to our work at camp that we announce that she is moving on to a new chapter in her career. She has been recognized for her extraordinary gifts and invited into an exciting opportunity at ID.ology Interiors and Design, a business located nearer to her house. She will be the Studio & Marketing Coordinator. 

If you would like to wish Rebecca well, or to thank her for the many gifts she offers this world, she will keep her email address ( long enough to greet you all with great joy. 

We wish Rebecca all the best in her new endeavors! 

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