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Dan Davis June 12, 2015

The last Thursday of a session is one of my favorite days. Don’t get me wrong! It’s not because the campers are about to leave; it’s the incredible amount of energy contained in the last full day.

The campers can barely contain all the excitement! They’re trying to pack in as much fun as possible before Mom and Dad come and take them home. The gulley washer is busier than ever, the disc golf course is filled with a mighty chorus of “FORE!”, the shirt-tail tag games feel more epic, and morning watch seems louder.

Behind all that energy is the thought of home. Thoughts of home affect campers different at the end of camp than at the start. They’re excited to tell the stories on the drive back (and Moms are excited to hear.) They can’t wait to try out a game of capture the flag with their friends back home. They’re looking forward to showing Dad the target with the bull’s-eye they got at air riflery.

I guess the main difference is they’re excited about bringing something back. And that’s one of the great gifts of camp. A place that is worth bringing something back from: stories, crafts, targets, friends, or whatever it is you learned about yourself. The growth that happens here is too much to hold in one place. It has to be shared.

After a breakfast of eggs, yoghurt, fruit, and pop tarts we headed to Morning Skills. Transformers for Bear Camp and Gladiator for the Hickorys followed a lunch of meatball subs, chips, and fruit. Free swim was high energy and everyone seemed to be running around, blobbing, or Gullywashing. Dinner was a delicious pasta bar with green beans and breadsticks. After dinner the tribes went to Fireside, a time similar to council where all campers are recognized for marks of growth. After a rambunctious evening watch, we headed to bed, excited for what the morning had to bring, while sad that the week was already over.

Mike Peckham
Deer Camp Director

Today’s Bible Story…
Story: Do You Love Me?
Scripture: John 21:8-17
+Where do you see yourself in the story?
+What’s the good news?

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