Ready to Play, Rain or Shine!

Shawn Marler July 15, 2015

As directors we often smile inside when a parent asks us what we do at camp when it rains. This is a question we have an answer for! If you were to ever ask it of our staff or campers, they would reply, “We get wet!” They would even say it with gusto. And that’s exactly what happened on Tuesday. We got a bit wet! We made the most of a rainy day. Even when thunder sent us indoors, our campers and staff found a way to bring all the fun inside. Throughout the day, we wondered at how God renews His creation with fresh rain and adds a little excitement with occasional thunder.

During the morning, our little guys rotated through the cabins in the lodge as counselors hosted different games in each room. They concluded their morning game shuffle with a Songfest, and their voices could be heard belting out of Buckeye and Birch Lodges. Meanwhile, the Hickory and Hemlock campers made their way to the Gym and organized a dodgeball tournament among themselves. Poplars took shelter underneath the Ship where they played foosball and ping pong to wait out part of the storm. Meanwhile, the Sycamores woke up at Black Mountain Campground, ready for a new day of exploring and playing in the forest and along the South Toe River.

We had a festive time at lunch as we celebrated Taco Tuesday, one of our favorite meals of the session. Then we headed to rest period, very excited for the afternoon ahead. The storms left us, and we headed back outdoors. It still rained some, but we were eager to get out and run hard. The Buckeyes got together for a game of Gladiator, a capture-the-flag style game played lakeside on a narrow strip of land. The Birches played Powerball, a game where you try to score play-pen balls in an opposing team’s container. Meanwhile, Hickory and Hemlock finished loading their backpacks and set-on up the mountain for their overnights at our camping shelters here. Poplars found time to play dodgeball in the Gym, and Sycamores made the most of the afternoon in the national forest area. The remaining tribes at camp headed down to the waterfront at 5pm for Free Swim, and you could hear the sound of campers playing on the Turtle, the Blob, and sliding down the Gully Washer.

We re-fueled at dinner, and then Buckeye and Birch ran to the Gym for Battleball, a dance-themed dodgeball game. It seems almost everyone found a time to play some dodgeball today! Poplars headed down to the lower field for Powerball and three of our tribes – Hickory, Hemlock, and Sycamore – found themselves enjoying a clear evening on the mountain, cooking over a fire, enjoying s’mores, and sharing stories. Half of camp was camping, which is appropriate since Camp is our first name. Our evening devotion brought us to the Sermon on the Mount where Jesus reminds us that he is able to provide for us, not only what we need, but more than enough. That’s a message that has come alive for us as we have navigated so many new experiences and friendships, even in these first 48 hours. We are eager to see what’s next! Rain or shine, we are ready!



Shawn Marler

2015 Bear Camp Director

Tonight’s Bible Story…
Scripture: Luke 12:22-34
Story: Jesus Provides More than Enough (Part 2)
+ Where do you see yourself in the story?
+ What’s the good news?

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