Ready for What Comes Next

Dan Davis June 20, 2015

Every first friday of a session, the campers head out for all day skills.

That's a full day of Climbing, Swimming, Tennis, Lacrosse, Blacksmithing, Basketball, Rocketry, Fly Fishing, and More! There’s excitement throughout the air. Everyone at lunch talks about the cool things they made that morning, and what they plan to do that afternoon.

Friday is a day after getting into a rhythm. A day after you’ve got a feel for what happened and start getting excited about what will happen! Campers start to wonder what is coming next. More fun? More Challenge? More Growth?

All three! Once they’re focused on what’s next, they’re no longer thinking about the day to day. They’ve got a feel for the schedule, they know they’ll be well fed and well loved. When you’re looking to what’s next, the schedule and the nerves move out of the way and make room for exciting things happen!

We had a great breakfast together and morning watches scattered all over camp. (Bear camp had a full camp Morning Watch on the tennis courts and the Poplars had theirs on the waterfront deck.) After morning watch, campers headed off to Morning Skills. After joining back together for a lunch of baked potatoes and chicken caesar salad, all cabins headed to rest up before afternoon skills. Bear Camp headed off for campouts and a delicious meal cooked on site, while the rest of camp enjoyed beefy mac, peas, rolls, and fruit. For the evening, Mountain Camp enjoyed a restful movie night, while Deer Camp had a cabin vs. cabin blanket fort building competition.

All of camp headed to bed thinking about tomorrow, ready for what comes next.

Mike Peckham
Deer Camp Director

Today’s Bible Story…
Story: The Sermon on the Mount
Scripture: Matthew 7:1-6
+Where do you see yourself in the story?
+What’s the good news?

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