Rain Brings New Life

Josh Logan July 20, 2014

The rain cannot and will not stop us. If anything, it brings a new excitement, a new feeling, a new life to everyone here at camp. Campers are still smiling just as big but maybe not as bright due to the remnants of mud left in between their teeth from the muddy adventures. With every slip and fall comes a fist pump, a “that was awesome!” and a “lets do that again!” The rain cannot and will not stop us.

Today has called for a full day of tribal activities. Buckeye’s morning activity was muddy kickball. Birch’s was cabin game rotations. Afternoon was skill shuffling with gem mining, soccerball juggling and football throwing, hot chocolate mixing, card shuffling and magic tricking, war painting, and more! The weather created a perfect backdrop for Dear camp’s game of Outbreak where an infection broke out on camp and campers had to find the cure before the infected took out all of Dear camp. The rainy weather created an epic battle but thankfully the humans found the cure and the infected were healed. The Poplar tribe of Mountain camp took to the mountains to play a fierce game of Braveheart where the outnumbered brave hearted campers flew up the mountain to capture the opposing team’s flag. The Sycamore tribe of mountain camp ran to the shelter of the gym to play a huge tournament of rapid fire dodgeball.

If the rain wasn’t getting the campers soaked, it was the two-a-day free swim that did the job. When the campers got dirty, they knew to go wash off in the one of a kind waterfront. And wash off they did to ensure they looked their best for the lovely Hollymont girls that will be joining us for a social tonight.

Not only did the rain bring us exciting memories but it brought us Godly wisdom as well. As the rain brought much mud, it also helped wash away our mud covered bodies which reminded us of the beautiful sacrifice of Jesus Christ. While we were covered with sin, Jesus’ death and resurrection cleansed us and washed us white as snow. So go out today knowing that the rain might bring much mud, but it brings much life as well.


Josh Logan

2014 Hickory Tribal Director

Today’s Bible Story…
Story: Creation
Verse: Genesis 1
+Where do you see yourself in the story?
+What is the good news?

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