Rockmont’s 2019 Program Leadership Staff!

Daniel Weatherby April 24, 2019

2019 Waterfront Director – Sadie Ginn

The 2019 Rockmont Waterfront is going to be more fun than ever before. Of course the facility upgrade is reason enough to celebrate, but we’re even more excited to introduce Free-Swim’s best friend and our 2019 Waterfront Director, Sadie Ginn. She is a Rockmont Waterfront Veteran, beginning as a lifeguard on Lake Eden in 2016. If you were at Rockmont in 2016 you may remember Sadie’s infectious energy, as she crafted playlists and led dance parties with campers and staff on the Rockmont Waterfront.

This summer, Sadie is most excited about cultivating a safe and fun waterfront, beginning in just a few weeks with the arrival of the other guards. The Waterfront community is important to Sadie, and she’s ready to hit the water swimming with her lifeguards so they are as prepared as possible for the arrival of the campers. She’s also incredibly excited to see The Web in action, especially after climbing on it just last week!

Sadie values being a part of a community that celebrates and encourages challenge. To her, the Mile Swim is the perfect example of this, and she loves the way it blesses participant’s forward movement, no matter the speed.

Rockmont is excited for a Waterfront with Sadie at the helm. And we believe you will be too!

See you at the Buddy Board!


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