A Brand New Poplar Showerhouse

Stan Wilson January 17, 2022

Three GREAT things you get at camp that you might not expect:

Eating when you’re good and hungry, showering when you’re good and dirty from playing hard, and sleeping when you’re good and tired.


This year a new ownership team, representing over 80 Rockmont alumni, has brought enormous energy and enthusiasm and made significant financial commitments to Rockmont and our spectacular and historic facilities. They hit the ground running in early September, and they’ve made BIG investments in the food, the play, and the showers!

What we’d like to share with you first in this series of facility and program updates comes to us from Mountain Camp, and is located right behind the Zip Line Deck:


A brand new Showerhouse, just for the Poplar Tribe (13-14 year olds)

A new showerhouse for the Poplars means that the Sycamores will take over the shower house they once shared. Here are a few other details and a few photos of the progress!

  • The new showerhouse is over 1,000 sq ft!
  • It is constructed of ground-face block and lap siding
  • And it has a long front deck for easy access
  • The showerhouse is completely ADA compliant
  • And is designed for ease of cleaning, drainage and winterization
  • The showerhouse includes…
    • 8 ADA partitioned showers, and
    • 1 Staff Bath/Shower
  • It converts to Male/Female separation for off-season use
  • And has plentiful benches and hooks for changing


We’re excited to share more updates to the Rockmont facility, program, and team with you as we get closer to another incredible summer!



The Rockmont Team

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