Stan Wilson July 30, 2018

A big Sunday dinner has been a Rockmont tradition as long as I can remember, and the theme of the meal last night was “plenty.”

We make sure to say there is plenty for everyone. Of course, there is always plenty of food at every meal, but it seems important to emphasize it on Sundays because the food is so good that it would be tempting to hoard it. So, the kitchen staff makes sure to have plenty, and we make sure to let everyone know that there is plenty. I love these Sunday meals. Somehow the knowledge that there is more than enough for everyone allows us to slow down and enjoy each other in a different way, and it changes the way we live the day.  

Plenty of food leads to plenty of time to enjoy the life we’re given here.

Our staff woke up Sunday morning realizing in a new way that they are going to have enough energy to make it through to the end of the season with the same excellence and commitment with which they started. As they continue to give of themselves, they will discover that they have more than enough. In fact, if this last session goes like it usually does, they might discover that love, faith, and devotion grow when you use each of them. They are not diminishing goods. There is more than enough of them; there is plenty.

I stepped into Cabin 26 on Sunday afternoon just as they were beginning to meet for the first time.

There were three brand new campers and the rest were veterans. It is possible, in a situation like that, for old-timers to bask in nostalgia about the glory days in a way that leaves the new guys out, but these guys were not playing those games. They were already laughing, learning nicknames, and looking forward to creating new stories together. It was as if they knew that they did not need to hold onto past summers to make their Rockmont experience great this summer. As good as last summer may have been, there is “more where that came from.”

More than enough; there is plenty.


Stan Wilson

Coordinating and Risk Management Director

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