When Refusing to Clean-up Makes Perfect Sense

Shawn Marler August 20, 2012

On the last full day of camp before parents arrived, I was standing in Cabin 5 and scratching my head in bewilderment. For the past two weeks, we had learned how to make our beds, fold our clothes, sweep the floor, and make the cabin areas look spotless. You would be surprised how clean campers can make their living space when Cola Stop or pizza points are hanging in the balance.

But in that moment, when I had asked the campers of Cabin 5 to fully pack and also make the place shine so that they could impress their parents, the campers just couldn’t focus on cleaning. Something had become more important to them than the Cola Stop, pizza, or their director’s approval. They had made significant friendships, and they valued those far more than packing and cleaning.

This initially shook me as I began to realize that we had a lot of cleaning ahead of us, but it eventually settled with me that what mattered all the more was that these boys had traveled to camp – some of them from hundreds of miles away – so that they could grow. Cultivating new friendships was just one aspect of the incredible growth they experienced. And that was happening that morning in Cabin 5 and in cabins throughout camp!

Revisit Summer Memories Online & Share Them with Family

We invite you as part of the Rockmont family to revisit the thousands of photos online that have captured these moments of growth this past summer. Using your e-mail address and password, you can log-in once again to the Rockmont website to review the summer. Your sons were able to view some of these photos in our end-of-session slideshows, but we’ve told them that they can view tons more once they returned home. Also, notice that you can share individual photos with family and friends by clicking the envelope icon below any photo.

Coming to a Home Near You!

As we look ahead to Summer 2013, we are working on our fall travel schedule and planning to make our way to a home near you! If you are interested in hosting a home show and have not yet shared your interest, please shoot an e-mail to . Whether you are able to host or attend a show, we would love to see you, to revisit summer memories, and to share what we have planned for 2013! See you on the road!

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