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Fully Connected

In this article I\'ll be referencing our cabin & program staff\'s Fully Connected policy, (...)

Andrew Ginn July 5, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving from Rockmont!

And God is able to provide you with every blessing in abundance, so that by always having enough of (...)

Camp Rockmont November 21, 2017

Greatness in the Blue Ridge Mountains

It is a special thing when we come upon moments of true greatness. I can only define greatness as (...)

Whit Miller November 24, 2015

More Thankful Than Ever

What a wonder it is to wake up in the morning! Normally I would have added “and count your many (...)

Dan Davis February 6, 2015

Resources for Raising Men

Many of the men that have come to our Father-Son Weekends and male development talks have asked for (...)

Camp Rockmont December 3, 2013

Healthy Doses of Challenge: How Summer Camp Develops Essential Lifelong Antibodies

I must share with you that I have been exposed to a number of illnesses and diseases in my (...)

Shawn Marler October 24, 2013

Returning Home: A Post-Camp Reflection

Since the start of summer, 2013, over 1700 Rockmont campers have returned home. I imagine that they (...)

Dan Davis September 17, 2013

Five Ways to Use Discomfort as a Building Block

When a young man arrives at Rockmont for the first time, many emotions can race through his mind - (...)

Dan Davis March 12, 2013

7 Critical Character Traits in Growing Children

What are the most critical traits for children to learn? As the world \'s information continues to (...)

Dan Davis January 31, 2013