Opening Day!

Josh Drexler June 11, 2018

The summer has officially begun! At the moment we are winding down from the first Opening Day at Camp Rockmont in 2018.  What a great day! It became most real for me today when the campers began streaming into Eden Hall for dinner singing “She’ll Be Coming Around the Mountain.” The excitement and appetites were truly palpable as the footsteps shook the 100 year-old wooden floors in the dining hall. The rich history of this place comes alive when new life walks in.

The mixing of the past and future, young and old, is one of the things that makes opening days so special. Seeing mothers and sons, grandfathers and granddaughters all together on such a momentous occasion is wonderful. It’s always special to see Rockmont alumni drop off the next generation. I worked with Stewart White at camp 25 years ago. Seeing him drop off his son Sam is beyond cool.

Our Associate Director, Shawn Marler, delivered a beautiful word to our Staff on Friday evening about the emphasis that Jesus put on friendship for spreading the love of God, and how we have a great opportunity to share that vision here at camp. As Shawn explained, throughout his ministry Jesus analogized God’s love to many things such as the devotion of a shepherd to his sheep.  However, towards the end of his ministry, it was the love of friends that Jesus chose to give a special seat at the table when he said this…”greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” John 15:13.

Friendship is central to camp. You see it very clearly on opening day when old friends reunite. You see it very clearly when new friendships are born right before your eyes. You see it very clearly when a sister appreciates her brother in a new way as she hugs him goodbye. We are excited to watch how God reveals himself in new ways through the love of friends this summer. May we all grow together in the love and friendship offered by God.

Inspired to be at Camp,

Josh Drexler

Associate Director

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