Only the Beginning

Shawn Marler July 14, 2014

Today was the dawning of a new session at camp, Classic 3, and the continuation of another four-week session, Summit Camp. Eager parents and campers alike showed up early to the steps of Eden Hall this morning in anticipation of a fun-filled two weeks to come. Families from all over the country were on camp today to see their sons off on an incredible adventure. Although there were 60+ Summit campers that are starting their third weeks, today still marks the beginning of something new, as they meet the new guys who now make up their tribes. Today is the beginning of the downward slope of the camp season! We only have four more weeks remaining, which means that everyone on camp is soaking in every minute of all that God has given us!

Our counselors took the new arrivals into their cabins for a little orientation early this afternoon, which also provided the chance to get to know their cabin mates. For the next three hours, the different camps spent time taking turns learning the rules of the waterfront—led by our highly knowledgeable lifeguards. After a swim test, the camps and tribes went to different locations across the property to play some tribal activities. Bear Camp enjoyed the chance to play octopus tag and shirttail tag, and Deer Camp fought for their tribes in a game of Gladiator. Up the mountain at the Lacrosse field, Poplar played Braveheart, while Sycamores battled in a camp classic game of Risk. Needless to say, once camp began, we hit the ground running!

Following an afternoon filled with activities, our campers enjoyed the classic opening dinner meal of chicken, mashed potatoes, veggies, and rolls. Following dinner, the entire camp gathered on the Lakeside hill for the full camp photo, which we were able to get in only three shots!

The evening ended with another round of tribal activities. Buckeyes searched high and low for key locations around camp in a reverse scavenger hunt, the Birches fought for dominance in a game of Gladiator, all of Deer Camp enjoyed a camp favorite in a game of Battle Ball, while the oldest guys started their journey on the Mountain with Council.

This is a detailed list of a lot, but not all, of what happened today…since 1:00pm. It is incredible the amount of fun, activities, and learning that can happen in such a short time. It is also so amazing to see how quickly your sons are willing to jump into something new and unfamiliar. The greatest part of it all? This is only the beginning.

Drew Fowler
Assistant Program Director

Today’s Bible story…
Story: Peter Steps Out of The Boat
Scripture: Matthew 14:22-33

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