One More Day!

Shawn Marler June 26, 2014

Today is the last day of afternoon skills! Classic 1 is almost over? Wow, that sneaks up on you. For many, it was the last day of Rocketry, Air Riflery, and Soccer. Many campers were heading back to their cabins carrying completed works from crafts, finished robots from Junk Art, and targets from Riflery and Archery. It’s fun to see the sense of pride in each camper as they run toward their counselor or TD holding out what they’ve made (or shot.) Counselors kneel down and take the precious creations in their hands and with great enthusiasm tell the camper how proud they are. I must have seen it a hundred times and I still don’t get tired of it. The best part is that I get to see it tomorrow too on the last day of morning skills!

This morning, bear camp had a morning of capture the flag. Buckeyes played Risk while Birches played Gladiator. Deer camp returned from a night on the mountain. Hickories had a tribal a campout and Hemlocks had cabin campouts. Mountain Camp had a morning in the gym in the form of Battleball. After a great lunch (meatball subs) and an even better rest period, Deer camp and the cabin cleanup winners headed to the cola stop for some delicious rewards. From there, campers headed out to make the most of afternoon skills. After a dinner of quesadillas, Buckeyes held to the tradition of making cabin plaques, while Birches played Invasion. Deer camp had cabin activities while mountain played a night game of Ninja of the Rings.

Right now, Buckeyes are out playing on the waterfront for night swim and Mountain Camp is finishing up their game. Everyone else is closing down showers and heading to devotion. The last full day of camp is coming. I’m always sad to see everyone go, but looking forward to hearing excited campers telling stories to excited patents through rolled down car windows. Tomorrow is the last day to make those stories happen.

Mike Peckham
Deer Camp Director

Today’s Bible Story…
Story: Battle of Jericho
Scripture: Joshua 5:13-6:27
+Where do you see yourself in the story?
+What is the Good News?

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