Night Swim

Andrew Ginn July 6, 2021

Growing up, my friend Madison had a swimming pool.

We spent hours during the summer days playing pool baseball, sharks and minnows, and other games like categories that are just fun. And the times we spent there during the evening have always been the most memorable because they were a little bit slower. Lots of fun, but a little more music and a little more relaxing. There was something about ending the day in the water, wrapping up under the cool night after a long day in the Mississippi sun. 


Night swim here at camp has a similar draw to me.

Just one camp gets the whole waterfront to themselves to play and wind down the day in the water. Things aren’t as fast-paced out there as they might be playing shirt-tail-tag. You can perfect a pencil dive, play “El Presidente de la Tortuga” (president of the turtle) with your cabin, or float on a tube in the beach area. 


We’re to that part of the session where campers are savoring tribal activities that are a little bit slower.

They’ve played incredibly over the last nine days. Deer Camp is heading back to their cabins for snacks, warm clothes, and a cabin devotion together.

Easing into the evening has a lot of good in it, especially after a night on the waterfront with your friends and a warm fire at the waterfront fire pit. 

Mountain Camp has spent their evening with big energy (fitting for their age!) playing a camp-wide shirt-tail-tag game, and Bear Camp is together for movie night at the upper soccer field outdoor theatre. 


We are grateful for all of the fun of Classic 2 and looking forward to two more full days of camp!



Andrew Ginn

Assistant Director for Staff Development

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