2021: A New Year!

Camp Rockmont December 31, 2020

Each new year brings its own sense of exhilaration and enthusiasm.

But after 2020, this new year especially holds lots of hope. After a summer of not having traditional camp, the promise of having Rockmont swell with the happy voices of campers is a reason for great excitement. In our office, we are reflecting and offering gratitude on 2020 and seeking joy and hope in 2021.



Check out our staff responses!


AndrewFor all of the obvious challenges and confusion in our world in 2020, I am grateful to have become a father, loving and valuing new beauty in our home. In this new year, one thing I am looking forward to is planting our garden at the Farmhouse! A good thing to tend to ahead of a fun return to camp.

DanielI’m grateful for this team, and the collective spirit of adventure we experienced because we were together through our changing 2020 summer plans. Team Family Retreats! I’m looking forward to an even more exciting time at camp (specifically in Bear Camp) in the Summer of 2021. Let the adventures and silliness begin!

MikeFor 2020, I’m most grateful for Jess, who’s always ready with an encouraging word in a very odd year,  and Lucy, who’s always ready to play (no matter what year it is). For 2021, I’m looking forward to having a “true” summer with the whole camp team! 

Sarah — I am thankful that this year has taught me that there is beauty and goodness in all of the unknowns that 2020 has brought. And in 2021, I am excited and hopeful to spend lots of in-person time with friends and family!

Stacey — I am grateful for 2020 because of the opportunity it gave me to slow down, connect with my daughter on a deeper level, and reconnect with myself. My hope for 2021 is for a collective calm to blanket the earth.

StanIn 2020, I am grateful for the friendships we formed through Family Retreats this past summer, and for the chance to work shoulder to shoulder with the Rockmont community to face a challenge and create something new. For 2021, I’m looking forward to Mike Peckham getting to direct camp. His gifts and passions are incredible, and I can’t wait to see him in action.

Karen — I am most grateful for the countless displays of kindness that permeated 2020, for mountain hikes, poetry, and deep breaths. I am most looking forward to listening to people sing together, lingering with others around dining tables, and seeing people’s smiles.

Dan — I am grateful for the patience and quiet creativity that 2020 invited into my life. For 2021, I am looking forward to traveling and being with my community, without distancing and masks.

Chuck — This year I am thankful for the wonderful response that we had to this summer’s Family Retreats! And in 2021, I am looking forward to skills, tribal activities, and evening activities!

Murph — I’m grateful for my friends and family and the way that they’ve kept touch during this crazy year. In some ways, I feel closer to my family now more than ever! And I’m excited for starting my new life in Winston Salem!

Cindy — I am grateful for the kindness of others that help me navigate difficult seasons of my life, and for lessons learned in 2020. In 2021, I am looking forward to singing and hugs!



In 2021, may we live each day as kind and compassionate human beings. May we listen well to each other. May we play hard and have endless amounts of fun. 

So here’s to 2021! And here’s to coming together again at Rockmont. 

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