A Monday Full of New Skills & New Friendships!

Shawn Marler July 26, 2016

Classic 4 had a fantastic start today as we enjoyed a whole day of Skills! The campers arrived to Eden Hall this morning ready to eat a delicious breakfast and conquer the day. They set off to Morning Watch with their tribes, pitched in to help clean up their cabins, and then went to their first and second skills. The first day of skills is always a really important and exciting one. Campers learn all of the rules set in place to keep them safe, meet their skill leaders and other campers in their skills, and set goals to accomplish throughout the session.

Everyone was also excited to find out that we had not one, but TWO Free Swim periods today! During this time campers love to take advantage of the Waterfront, play disc golf, go fishing, and participate in other activities with their friends. So, after our first Free Swim of the day, a filling lunch, and a much-needed rest period, the campers were off to their third and fourth skills. They met many more new friends and set more goals for themselves. Once afternoon skills had ended, all of Deer Camp departed on their hike up the mountain for their Tribal and Cabin Campouts. Sycamore also headed out for their Tribal Campout and rode together to Black Mountain Campground in Pisgah National Forest where they will stay for the next two nights.

Even after a day full of opportunities to play on the Waterfront, there was still more fun to be had by the Poplars, who got to enjoy an evening Tribal Swim after dinner. Bear Camp, meanwhile, headed to their Council site. Council, which Deer and Mountain Camp participated in last night, is a time for the campers to recognize growth in themselves and others and for them to grow closer in brotherhood. All of these evening activities came to a close with a time of Cabin Devotions. During this time, the campers and their counselors discuss a passage from the Bible and how it can connect with their own lives. Tonight’s passage was Luke 9:10-17, Jesus Provides More than Enough. The campers found good news in the fact that Jesus is always going to provide us with what we need and talked about how they have seen His provision at different points in their lives. We ask that you join us in reflecting on these passages with your campers throughout the session. We’re eager for all the fun and friendship-making ahead this session!

This evening’s Bible story…
Story: Jesus Provides More than Enough (Part 1)
Scripture: Luke 9:10-17
+ Where do you connect with the story?
+ What’s the good news?

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