Rockmont Adds Program Director!

The Rockmont Team October 15, 2019

Rockmont is on the move! 

If you’ve been keeping up with our recent news you probably noticed our announcement about New Calls to Adventure for Stan and Dan within Rockmont, and the return of Mike Peckham as Rockmont’s Summer Camp Director. (If this is news to you, you can read all about it here)

With Stan Wilson transitioning from Program Director to Rockmont’s Coordinating Director, Rockmont’s Program is in need of a person at the helm – and we’re glad to announce Chuck Flournoy as Rockmont’s new Program Director!

Chuck returns to camp after retiring as President and Chief Strategy Officer of Mapcom Systems – an industry leading software company based in Richmond, Virginia.

Chuck’s Rockmont experience began back in 1972 when he first arrived through Rockmont’s gates at the age of 14.

What do you remember about your first year at Rockmont?

Oh man, so much. I remember meeting boys from all over the world, huge games like Comanche ball, being pulled for Little Chief, a Buckskin Horse named Blondie, picking blueberries on a Mount Mitchell hike. 

I remember so many things and people – the experience really changed me for the better.

How did you first hear of the Rockmont experience?

My grandmother heard about Rockmont and wanted me to have the opportunity to go.

Rockmont directors traveled to Clearwater. We got to see a Rockmont slideshow and meet the directors at the home of a returning camper – I was hooked!

Chuck (front row, second from left) and the staff of the Cheyenne tribe – now Buckeye – in front of Arrowhead Lodge.

Chuck would come back to camp as a camper for another year before joining Rockmont’s staff as a Junior Counselor, Counselor, and Tribal Director

What were those years on Rockmont’s staff like for you?

Being on staff at Rockmont was integral to my personal and professional development. 

In many ways, Rockmont was my first real job, and yet it held a bit of continuity from being a camper for several years. In my years as a camper at Rockmont, staff would speak to us about personal responsibility, growth, community, and, of course, how to have fun; and those are core to being on staff at Rockmont. 

I told a story as I was leaving Mapcom about Rockmont – the people I met and the lessons I learned from working at Rockmont created the well I would draw from as a coach, teacher, administrator, entrepreneur, COO, and president of a company. 

The lessons were right there in the people and work in front of me – all centered around Lake Eden.

How does it feel to be coming back to Rockmont?

In my mind, I’ve never stopped working for Rockmont – or perhaps another way of saying it is that I’ve never stopped trying to enable others to benefit from a Rockmont experience as I did. (As did my brother Ken and son Charlie!) The independence, self-confidence and understanding of the Christian life that I learned here formed my bedrock. 

Camp Rockmont changed the trajectory of my life in such a positive, powerful way, and I’m so glad to be able to focus again on the incredible work here.

What are you excited about within Rockmont’s program?

It’s been great to spend the last several weeks getting to know the program again, and then seeing it in action during the October Father-Son Weekend. I’m excited to work with Dan, Stan, Mike, Andrew, and Daniel to expand Rockmont’s program even more – figure out ways to offer more activities to campers, open more activities during Free Swim, add Cabin Activity options, and work with the Skill Heads to further clarify progressions within each skill.

Chuck is already hard at work with our Directors and Skill Heads to make our skills and activities even better.

Through discussions with our directors, Chuck and the team are working on a new skill schedule that will increase the number of skills every camper can take – more to come on that exciting announcement.

We’re also planning on opening more activities during special Free Swim and Cabin Activity times to allow every camper the opportunity to participate in activities only accessible during skills up until now – Rock Climbing, Fly Fishing, and Lacrosse to name a few.

Exciting things are on the horizon for Rockmont – our Year Round team is complete and hard at work to make Summer 2020 an even better Summer Camp experience.


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