A New Day for Disc Golf at Rockmont!

Daniel Weatherby April 15, 2019


Rockmont’s Disc Golf course has been completely revamped! David Bruce, CEO of Camp Rockmont, has spent the Spring designing, planning, uprooting, and implementing the biggest change in the disc golf program since its beginning at Rockmont.

The course begins in a familiar place – next to the Rock House – and we’ve kept the first basket consistent with years past. What follows, however, is a completely new journey. For the first time at Rockmont, you’ll grab your discs out of Hole 1’s basket and travel around the right of the tennis courts to find the second tee box.

The material portions of the course have also been upgraded. As you drive past the lower soccer fields and into camp, you might notice new flags atop each basket. As the wind blows, each flag boldly displays the hole number above the Camp Rockmont logo.

The tee boxes are also new! Each tee has the hole number, and is oriented to point directly at the corresponding basket; you’ll most likely be able to figure out the layout of each hole, and which disc is best to use even your first time on the new course.

Though the “Front Nine” begins in lower camp, it ends between The Ship and the Kayak Shed. You’ll notice something else, the Front 9 is actually the Front 11.

There are two bonus baskets on the Front Nine:  Hole 10 & 11. The final challenge on the front portion of the course, Hole 11, is the shortest hole on the course, but also one of the most difficult. It tests a specific attribute necessary for any disc golfer – finesse. At the bottom of this page you can find a video of Daniel’s second attempt at Hole 11.

We’re most excited about the the completely new Back Nine. Guess where we put it … Keep thinking. You probably nailed it: The Golf Course! We’ll be wrapping up rounds of Disc Golf on the actual Golf Course, which hasn’t seen discs fly or heard rattling chains in quite some time.

This also means the Rockmont Open will be a completely new experience in 2019. Whether you’ve been at Rockmont for 10 years, or 2019 will be your first summer, the newness of the course has leveled the playing field and will provide some great competition.

Opening day of camp is only 55 days away and we couldn’t be more excited for Summer 2019. Join us this summer, grab a friend at Free Swim, and we’ll see you at Hole 1!



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