Nature Watch in the Nantahala National Forest

Shawn Marler April 24, 2012

Bo Weems, Caleb Becker, and I made a trip out to Nantahala National Forest this past Saturday to climb the lookout tower on Wesser Bald. Along the way, however, we discovered an incredible waterfall along the Nantahala River and determined that we would stop there again and explore after our hike. As we were taking in the sights at the falls, Bo noticed that jewel weed was growing on the rocks around the waterfall. Jewel weed is a common plant in the Southern Applachians, and we have our own fair share of it here at Rockmont. So, we stopped right there at the falls for our own Nature Watch.

Your sons will know that Nature Watch is one of the elements of our Council program, which campers attend once each week while at camp. Council is a time for counselors to identify ways in which their campers have grown during their time at camp. It’s also a fun time of song, games, devotion, and learning. Nature Watch in particular is a time to learn something fascinating about nature.

The appropriate response here would be a big, hearty HOWWW!” Or you could stomp your feet or pat your thighs. (Whatever you do, you would never clap in Council!) Can’t wait to be doing this kind of thing on the mountain in just a few weeks.


See you all very soon!

Shawn Marler

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