Memories That Last

Shawn Marler June 13, 2014

After a full week of exciting activity on camp, Starter Camp has officially come to a close. Although only a short period of time,it is amazing to see the growth that has occurred in our young campers. Throughout this week, countless young guys grew up before our eyes. They did so by standing up and becoming leaders, learning new skills, performing an amazing feat in a tribal activity, meeting new friends, singing as loud as they possibly could, being quiet when needed, making their bed better and better each day, by loving the person standing in front of them, and in countless other ways. Starter Camp is not our longest session, but the growth that was seen over this short time is truly incredible. I have no doubt that the young storytellers in hundreds of cars on their way home today would agree. Young minds that can often forget to brush their teeth or make their bed, suddenly seem to have a memory of every single instant over the past week—memories that will not soon be forgotten.

After a breakfast of eggs, sausage, and biscuits, our campers enjoyed a final Morning Watch and quickly went to their cabins to finish up the packing process. It did not take long for the first cars to arrive on camp—cars filled with eager parents, siblings, and pets. The reunion process can be one of the most rewarding to observe on closing day. To see the joy on a parent’s face as they hold their son in their arms for the first time in a week is truly a special moment. This past week we have consistently talked about incredible, amazing love. In that first hug, the love we have been talking about the past week is acted out and delivered, and a memory that few parents will forget.

Parents and campers are not alone—our counselors are impacted as well. They will remember the good days and the long days. They will relive funny conversations, and they will revel in the spiritual journey that comes with loving children deeply. They will rest. They will think back on a week that was lived fully, and they will cherish the memories of a week well spent.

Thank you for sending your son to Rockmont. Because of you, we have the most amazing job. We look forward to sharing many more lasting memories with you in the future.

Drew Fowler
Assistant Program Director

Today’s Bible story…
Jesus Feeds 5000 (Mark 6:30-44)
+Where do you see yourself in the story?
+What is the good news

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