Making the Next Step

Will Allen July 29, 2022

In 2021, after four years away from Camp Rockmont, I decided to come back. This time, however, I would not be returning as a camper.

This time I was coming to camp as a counselor. 

I had my apprehensions on whether I would like this change or not. Could I make an adjustment from camper to counselor? Would the magic of camp still be present from my new vantage point? Would I enjoy the company of the staff members? The answer:

Yes. Yes. And absolutely yes.

My experience from being a camper actually helped me so much more than I could even imagine.

In a given situation, I would ask myself “If I were a camper in my cabin, what would I want from my counselor?” I was able to relate to them better and, thus, help the kids grow so much in such a short amount of time.

The magic of camp was definitely still present but in a different way. 

Instead of worrying about what activities were in store for me that day, I learned to just buy into whatever activity was planned and allow my campers’ enthusiasm to take over. The work of a counselor can be challenging, but if all goes well, counselors are left a feeling of fulfillment that is almost unmatched. 

Seeing one of my campers overcome an obstacle, or achieve a goal that they had their sights set on made me feel a sense of pride in that camper.

As for the staff, all I can say is this: Over the past two summers on staff I have had the pleasure of working with some of the best people that I have ever come across. Each one of them has their own unique story to tell, and with the majority of us not having our phones, this allows us to be more open with one another. 

These people are more than coworkers — they’re family.

If your son is almost old enough to no longer be camper here, I urge all parents reading this to push them to become a counselor.

To me it’s not simply a job, it’s an experience, and it’s one that has changed my life forever!

Will Allen

Tribal Director

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