Living In Perfect Harmony

Justin Hart June 14, 2022

One of my favorite things about camp is morning watch.

It always has been, and I believe it always will be. From counselor, tribal director, and now, assistant staffing director — it seems to give me goosebumps. 

Listening to young men come together to sing songs and finding “their part” to create the perfect harmony, gives me a sense of peace in the world. This past Sunday, these young men didn’t know each other, and today, they come together to sing songs and share a common story.

The same is said of living in a large community together, like Rockmont. We all come together from far and wide, bringing our gifts and talents to play our part in the community to live in that perfect harmony. 

Today during breakfast,  Thor Guard (our lighting detection system) sounded. When Thor Guard goes off, everyone at camp has to seek shelter. Thankfully, we were already under cover in the dining hall.

10 minutes went by…

We realized we wouldn’t be able to split off into our individual camps to do morning watch as usual, so the entire leadership staff came together to host a camp-wide morning watch right there in the dining hall. 

One by one, tribal directors led us in songs, and Henry Keating (Birch Tribal Director) led us in a devotion about having faith even in the hardest circumstances.

This is what living in harmony is all about.

We played games and laughed together. We didn’t plan on a Thor Guard warning this morning — we just jumped, used our strengths, and played our parts. 

I encourage you today (yes, today!) to find perfect harmony within your community, whether that be your home, work, church, or anywhere else — try to find your place there. What part do you play in the perfect harmony of life? 

Go now, and live in perfect harmony. 

Justin Hart

Assistant Staffing Director

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