Just Right

Mike Peckham August 8, 2021

The energy is just right. 


It’s Starter 2, and it’s a perfect blend: campers coming for the first time, and the last session for this summer.

The excitement for the campers getting to experience camp, paired with the staff making the absolute most of their last week here, is incredible


For this session we’ve got, climbing, archery, air riflery, disc golf, nature, paddle boarding, crafts, outdoor skills, and more!


We’ll be having fun on the waterfront, campfires by the beach, camp songs at the lake, and cabin activities every evening.

With all that fun planned, it’s wonderful to see the intention and care that the staff take for the campers’ growth. It’s a mantra at camp: “every camper counts,” and you can feel it. 


At the swim test today, all the counselors jumped in the water with their cabins and swam to the other side.


It’s a small gesture, but it can be felt in a big way. Campers know that their counselor is going to be with them every bit of the way in the water, and every step of the way for the whole week. 


Since it’s many campers first week away from home, there will be some homesickness tonight around bedtime, and they know that their counselor is going to be there for that too. In fact, that’s one of the most powerful things that can happen for a camper. Moving through homesickness.


They learn that it’s okay to feel those big, deep emotions, and still have fun.


Plus, they have a guide with them the whole way. That lesson of processing feelings, trusting friends, and learning about your own strength stays with them through life. 


So, as our final opening day rolls to a close, and the campers head out on scavenger hunts with their cabins, the air is filled with the energy of what the next week will bring!


Mike Peckham

Camp Director

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