I’ve Graduated. Now What?

Andrew Ginn December 15, 2019

Graduation is a great release, a freeing opportunity. You’ve worked hard (probably) and you want to know what’s next.

The Job Hunt

The job hunt is intimidating and can leave you exhausted. Unfortunately, those first few months after graduation come with the realization that your degree does not always automatically propel you into the work you planned for during your college career. 

Former Rockmont Staffer Jake Kennedy

According to one study by the University of Washington, around 53% of college students are either unemployed or working a job that does not require a bachelor’s degree. In the same study, researchers estimated that it can take between three to six months on average to find a job. This is important to be aware of, but don’t lose hope. Before you storm out or flee to the first job in front of a computer, there are other options that can be life-giving, opportunities of a lifetime, and incredibly fun! 


  • Seasonal Employment: There are incredible seasonal opportunities whether in hospitality, tourism, or skiing and snow resorts. Cool Works is a great resource for looking into fun jobs, often outdoors. You could be a ski instructor in Taos, New Mexico or an outdoor adventure guide in Maine’s Acadia National Park. 


  • Work on a Farm: The “back to the land” movement has found new energy among young adults looking to contribute to the health of the Earth, learn techniques to grow and cultivate their own food, and meet new people with similar interests. One of the best organizations out there is WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms). They match people with farms all over the world looking for help in exchange for a free place to stay, opportunities to make money, and all the fruits and veggies you can handle. 
Jake Kennedy in Mongolia on a Fullbright Teaching Fellowship!


  • Work at a Summer Camp: There are thousands of incredible summer camps out there that are looking for people still in college or recently graduated who want to spend the summer impacting the lives of children and youth while having a blast, earning and saving money, and growing themselves. You can find camps from North Carolina to New Hampshire and everywhere in between.


Whatever you do after you graduate (or during your summers while still in school) make it fun! These years are some of the most free ones you’ll have and it’s important to make them count. From the staff at Rockmont, we wish you all the best in your search for fun and meaningful work and if you have a summer free, come and work with us! 


Andrew Ginn

Assistant Director for Staff Development

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