Introducing the Rockmont Aquatic Ropes Course

Andrew Ginn December 28, 2018


Get ready for an over-the-water adventure that could mean years of summer challenge and fun on the Rockmont Waterfront.

This new aquatic ropes course at Camp Rockmont is under construction, and it will be complete by this summer! That’s when the adventures begin.

The new aquatic ropes course will feature 8 over-the-water challenges, each stretching between two timbers in the swim area between the main docks and the canoe shed. Jump into the water, and swim underneath the cargo net. Enter through the gap in the bottom, and hang out in the net while you decide which challenge to tackle first. When you’re ready, climb out to the course.

The elements of the course will involve getting from one timber to the next on some rope challenge (no wood or metal is in any element). They are designed to get progressively more difficult. A “Burma Bridge” would be a V-Shaped tunnel with handholds at 5 feet off the water. A “Multi-Vine Traverse” would call for you to balance as you walk across a single rope with only a few hanging “vines” to reach along the way. Other elements could include a low and high “Postman’s Walk” (2 parallel ropes at various heights), a low and high “Commando Crawl” (single ropes), a “Deep X” (2 ropes starting high and crossing low), an “Hourglass” (2 ropes starting high and crossing in the middle), or “the Arc” (one rope starting high and drooping.)

The elements are each unique, designed to keep you coming back for more, and to send you to the next challenge.

Every challenge will be free climb and free fall. Expect to get wet! But, walk, balance, crawl, hang, stretch, and leap your way through all 8 challenges without splashing, and you can earn a new Aquatic Ropes Course band.

We are grateful to all the Sycamore campers in the summer of 2018, who met with us to help us dream of our next Rockmont adventure. It was your creativity and imagination that helped us conceive of this idea. We then took it to Mike Fishesher of Beanstalk Builders, in nearby Morganton, North Carolina. He designs ropes courses, playgrounds, and treehouses, and he is designing each element so that campers and staff will be able to develop balance, upper body strength, and agility . . . and to have tons of fun!


Your friends,

The Rockmont Team

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    Water Web!!
    The Dread-Loch!


    Mike Fishesher is the PERFECT person for this design. I have worked with Mike at Outward Bound and with Scouting Outward. You will enjoy this experience!

    I think you should name it “The Spider Web”.

    Excellent! Cant wait to try it out at the next alumni reunion!


    I think the name should be “The Thread” — it is a ropes course so it works in that the rope is made of thread, but also a ropes course is used to to test agility and precision, and by nature is difficult, and “thread” can be used as a verb meaning to work through obstacles! (eg. She threaded through the course). Hope you like it!

    Aquatic Ropes Course name:

    The Jabbok

    Refer to Gen 32:22-31

    The place where Jacob wrestled with god or a man or perhaps himself to cross the river
    Jabbok to return home.

    Water Crawler
    Fish Net
    Splash Course
    Aquatic Ninja

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