Josiah Turner July 27, 2021

How do you respond to interruptions?

Are you frustrated and quick tempered, confused and overwhelmed, or patient and kind?


In our carefully insulated lives it is easy to believe we can manufacture out any interruptions with enough planning and attention to detail. Yet this could never be the case.


In fact to live a life without interruptions would be a tragedy.

It would indeed be a tragedy to have a day so carefully curated, that all space for unplanned moments are pushed out completely. For I would wager that in these spaces there is opportunity to glimpse reality’s true nature, because for a moment we drop the delusion that we are our own world’s architects.

We find ourselves to be participants, willing or unwilling.


Here at camp an interruption can, and in the late summer often does, look like being under a thunder watch.

This afternoon, our entire tribe was confined to the lodge or cabins until further notice. While this was certainly inconvenient for our plans, it was more so an invitation into what is called a creative response.

Some of the most unique and sacred of times here at Rockmont have been born out of a moment of profound interruption. For example, this summer we had an hours long Thorguard lead to a brilliantly executed camp wide fort building competition.

Camper’s enthusiastically collaborated on and created together some of the most elaborate structures and performances you can think of.


Within every interruption there is an opportunity.

C.S Lewis once said that he came to realize that what we call interruptions are our real life shining through the veil of fantasy we cover ourselves with. Interruptions are a chance to learn something, to show kindness to the stranger, to dare to try something new, and above all to have a glimpse of the divine.


Let us therefore pray for a life interrupted, that we might begin to really live.


Josiah Turner

Buckeye Tribal Director

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