In Full Swing

Shawn Marler July 17, 2014

Camp is once again in full swing! It’s fun to see campers getting into the swing of things: the first time you see them get over homesickness, shyness, or insecurity and run. I don’t mean just a run to an activity, or a skill, or the run of being late to a meal. I mean Running. Yes, with a capital R. That flat out, “don’t care what my arms are doing because the only thing that matters is speed” kind of run. You don’t see it in adults much. Usually when an adult is going for speed, their running gets more composed and their face is focused on form. But when a camper is really running, it’s usually with a flag in their hand or reaching for a shirt tail. When it’s a run like that, form flies out the window. The face is focused, but on a goal, not form.

It usually looks a little silly too…the form I mean: one arm straight in front, the other compensating for the lack of movement on one side. The real difference comes after that flat out sprint. It’s the smile. The joy that erupts from ear to ear in an unconscious, uncontrollable, unquenchable smile. That’s what it’s really like to run.

And run we do!

Bear Camp started the day with a counselor hunt and a game of Powerball. Deer Camp’s morning was spent coming down from the campout on the mountain and unpacking. Poplar opted for a game of Battleball while the Sycamores came back from their campout.

After a delicious lunch of BBQ, all of camp headed to skills. We kayaked, we crafted, we shot, we dribbled, and we ran. Then came a dinner of delicious chicken tacos followed by evening activities. Sycamores played some Gladiator, while Poplars went for some Risk on the golf course. Hemlocks tried out the Challenge Course while the Hickories played Powerball. Bear Camp stayed together to play Risk on lower camp.

It’s fun to be able to look out anytime during the day and see campers leaving their nervousness behind and RUNNING!

Mike Peckham
Deer Camp TD

Today’s Bible Story…
Story: The Prodigal Son
Verse: Luke 15:11-32

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