Home Away From Home

Justin Bennett June 23, 2022

“All my bags are packed, I’m NOT ready to go” – John Denver

Today marks the last full day of the first classic session of the summer, and it’s hard to believe that many campers stepped onto Camp Rockmont property for the first time just 12 days ago. 

They were probably a little intimidated or overwhelmed. Many didn’t know where they were going or who they were sitting with. 

I can say for certain this “foreign” feeling is long gone! 

Today, all the campers navigate the grounds with confidence and ease. They can get to Field Sports, Homesteading, and everything in between. It’s been incredible to see camp transition from a place campers came to visit into a place they can call home.

It’s tough to call this place “home away from home” without the presence of great friends. Fortunately, Rockmont is a place ripe for friendship, and it’s been incredible watching these relationships blossom over the past two weeks. 

One of my favorite times during daily camp life is the transition between skills. This is a time when campers walk together and exchange smiles, laughs, and stories. As campers pass one another they give and receive warm welcomes. If they’re lucky they might even receive a little insight into what to expect at the next skill. 

As I watched campers walk to Mountain Biking and Paddling this morning, it felt like everyone had known each other for years. Not a single camper walked by without a hello or goodbye. 

It was truly a sight to see!

It’s sad seeing the session come to a close, but it’s beautiful knowing that the friendships made here will live on. Tonight, we will encourage the campers to stay connected throughout the year and remind them that it is possible to write a letter outside of camp. 

Here’s to deep and lasting friendships! And remember home away from home is only 11 months away!

Justin Bennett

Assistant Camp Director

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