Hitting the Mark

Shawn Marler June 21, 2014

Rockmont woke to a landscape shrouded in cloud and mist today. On my walk to Eden Hall, I passed a handful of early risers hurling disks at unseen baskets during a round of frisbee golf. Fog enveloped the disks moments after release. The campers then vanished in the same direction. I thought about how cool it was that these campers knew the course so well that they could basically play it blindfolded.

Much of today was about running towards mastery. Many parents would likely be surprised by the progressions taking place. At the climbing wall, after learning the foundational figure eight follow-through knot and basic climbing techniques, climbers are now learning how to belay. When their friend falls, they are left holding the line. While a well-trained counselor always backs up each belay as an added layer of precaution, the campers are nevertheless mastering a core skill that has kept climbers safe for more than two hundred years. They are experiencing the ‘freedom of the hills’ and concomitant responsibility of the belay that has been passed down from one generation to the next, beginning with the first mountaineers in the European Alps.

Old lessons were being passed down in other skills as well. In Riflery, the campers are guided by master teacher John D’Innocenzi. Having learned safety procedures and basic shooting techniques and positions, campers are now striving to consistently hit their mark. Pictured above, Sean Hammen seeks to become a Sharpshooter by averaging at least forty points a round over four days of shooting. So far so good.

Camp is also full of innovation. In Junk Art, the old truly becomes new. Camper Austen Haley created an impressive statute out of a coffee maker, colored tape, headless wooden eagle, fake mouse, and an odd assortment of other trinkets and decorations. It literally stopped me in my tracks as I passed by. He said he wasn’t sure his mom would let him bring it in the car on the long drive back to Florida.

As I write this, our Deer Campers are swimming in Lake Eden as the sun sets behind the Craggy Mountains. Bear Campers are bravely facing a night on the mountain, embraced by beauty and wildness. Mountain camp is enjoying a respite of entertainment, a movie night in the gym. We have faith that God is speaking through it all.

Inspired to be at Camp,
Associate Director

Today’s Bible Story…
Story: Blind Man
Scripture: Mark 10:46-52

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