Rockmont 2021: Preliminary Health Guidelines

Stan Wilson January 29, 2021

The Camp Rockmont Staff is ready and eager for the summer of 2021, and we are glad to report on our plans for operating camp. We look forward to doing what we do best and love the most: running this extraordinary boys camp. We will celebrate when your son arrives for a full, healthy session at Camp Rockmont!

We are making contingency plans for a variety of safety measures this summer, so these plans will continue to be refined as conditions change and new information becomes available*. 

We are planning the following COVID-mitigation strategies:

Prior to Camp

  • Every camper and staff member should be screened by their primary physician and given clearance to participate in camp. 
  • All campers will be required to demonstrate a negative molecular PCR test upon their arrival at camp. The test should be administered within 72 hours before arrival, and the camper should remain quarantined after the test.

Opening Day

  • All campers will be dropped off while parents remain in the car. There will be a drive-thru opportunity to speak to nurses and meet your son’s directors.
  • You’ll be able to meet your son’s counselor with a recorded video introduction the night before camp!
  • Campers may fly to and from camp, but they should remain distanced and masked during travel. 
  • Immediately upon arrival campers will join their cabin groups and start the fun! 

During Camp

  • Cabin groups will function as a cohort, in which rules for distancing can be relaxed. In addition, cabin groups will be part of a larger tribe of about 50 people, in which most activities will occur. 
  • Meals will be eaten in shifts or at alternative sites, to allow everyone to relax and enjoy meals safely. 

In the event of a positive diagnosis of COVID-19

  • If a camper receives a positive COVID-19 diagnosis, we will make arrangements with parents for pickup within approximately 12 hours. We will provide options for refunds or rollovers of tuition.
  • After any positive diagnosis, the camper’s cabin group will be tested.


Other Considerations

Camp Rockmont is an ACA accredited camp, and we have years of experience in mitigating the spread of infectious diseases. (See Preventing and Treating Illness at Camp).  In addition, we have learned through our Family Retreats and through collaboration with neighboring camps that additional health and safety practices do not detract from a full and fun Rockmont session. 

As always we will have a full complement of resident nurses and a spacious health center. Nurses are present at every meal and are a key part of our standard health plan. Our adapted plans will likely include the following:

  • Daily health screenings will be performed on all staff and campers.
  • Visitors will not be allowed on camp.
  • Campers and staff will follow a hand-washing schedule – after skills, tribal activities, and before meals.
  • The health center will be divided, with rooms for non-viral treatment, COVID symptom treatment, and COVID-19 isolation.
  • In the event of a positive Staff diagnosis, they will be quarantined 10 days and must have a physician letter stating they are no longer able to spread COVID in order to return.
  • Staff travel on time off will be limited or delineated in advance. 
  • Staff will remain distanced from other staff outside their cabin groups, and will wear face coverings when distancing is not possible. 
  • Enhanced cleaning procedures will be implemented across the camp facilities.

These contingency plans have been developed in consultation with the American Camp Association Field Guide for the Implementation of CDC Guidance and with reference to current state and health department requirements. 

We are energized and confident as we approach the summer of 2021!

We are encouraged by the arrival of effective vaccinations, and we know that our campers need a Rockmont experience now more than ever. Please contact us with any questions you may have.


Stan Wilson

Coordinating Director & Director of Risk Management


*Please note that we will be updating these guidelines as we continue to learn more and receive information. For the most up to date information, you can visit our 2021 Health Guidelines web page.

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    Do we need to provide a signed health form and vaccine form to the camp?

    Thanks for your question, Raquel! Yes, in the forms and documents due for your camper the Physicians form is required before you drop your camper off this summer. Since most campers are too young to receive a vaccine we are not requiring it. However, you will need to bring proof of a negative Covid-19 test (printed out) on check-in day.

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