Happy 4th from Camp Rockmont!

Shawn Marler July 5, 2016

The highlight of the day was definitely the Mountain Camp Director, Deer Camp Director, and Associate Director flying into the annual Fourth of July camp-wide Retreat on the Zip Line, while sporting our nation’s colors! The Fourth of July excitement began this morning, though, with an early breakfast and then campers and staff gathered for a camp-wide morning watch! Campers sang patriotic and camp songs and finished with “We are Marching in the Light of God.” Morning Watch was great fun, and the weather was perfect for the all skills day that followed!

Camp had a nice rain last night, so Lake Eden was refreshingly cool for the skills on the water today. During swim sports, campers participated in several different relay races, Gully Washer barrel races, and log tournaments. Kayakers practiced getting their roll down, and sailing practiced different knots. The Climbing skill worked on tree and rope climbing. The Nature skill was riveting today when the boys got to hold tarantulas!

We enjoyed a fantastic lunch outside Eden Hall – watermelon included – before the campers and staff enjoyed a hilarious skit put on by the Tribal Directors at Retreat. This camp tradition was complete with much singing and laughter. It was quite fun for all! And then we enjoyed more Skills during the afternoon.

This evening, the Poplar Tribe of Mountain Camp headed up to a cabin campout. Bear Camp played Transformers as a whole group, and the Deer Campers had a relaxing movie night in the gym! The remaining Mountain Campers in the Sycamore Tribe played field games and got to dive right into Night Swim!

Tonight during devotions, campers were reminded of the verses read during Morning Watch. The verses for today came from Matthew 5:38-48 when Jesus gives the portion of The Sermon on the Mount focusing on loving your enemies. After the verses were read in each cabin, campers and counselors discussed application in the real world, the good news, and where campers can connect with the story. “…You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be children of your Father in heaven.”

This evening’s Bible story…
Story: The Sermon on the Mount: Love Your Enemies
Scripture: Matthew 5:38-48
+ Where do you connect with the story?
+ What’s the good news?

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