Growth, Achievement, and Friendly Competition!

Shawn Marler July 21, 2016

With a morning full of Tribal Activities and the last round of afternoon Skills, we are making the most of these last few days at camp. This awareness has only made the campers want to play harder, work as diligently as they can to finish different projects in Skills, and bond with their new friends even more.

Bear Camp had an exciting morning with the Buckeyes playing tennis-baseball, Thunderball, and kickball. Meanwhile the Birches, having returned from their Cabin Campout, were running around all of Rockmont with a few leading Counselors trying to find and identify staff members who had camouflaged and disguised themselves in a game of Counselor Hunt. All of Deer Camp joined together on the Golf Course for an intense and strategic game of Risk. Meanwhile, the Poplars played a groovy game of Battleball (dodgeball with a whole lot of dancing involved) in the Gym. The Sycamores played 3-Ball/3-Disc, a combination of soccer and ultimate frisbee. This busy morning quickly led into a much-anticipated Free Swim and opportunity to visit our Camp Store before lunch.

Following lunch, some of our campers got to do something a little different. If they signed up to participate in CampStock, they departed to Camp Highlander to compete against other camps from the area in different events. We had campers representing Rockmont in basketball, archery, tennis, rock climbing, swimming, and soccer. Most campers remained at Rockmont and were excited to achieve their final goals and finish things they have been working on all session during their last day of afternoon Skills. As afternoon Skills came to an end, we all celebrated the growth that has taken place in these activities the past week and a half.

More Tribal Activities followed this evening’s delicious dinner. The Buckeyes played 3-Ball/3-Disc before taking over the Canoes, Paddleboards, Beach, and Gully Washer. They rounded out their evening with a Night Swim. The Birches, having had a full day of adventure, settled early into the lodge for a movie night. It was off to Battleball for the Hickories, Intramural Activities for the Hemlocks, and a late-night, camp-wide Shirt-Tail-Tag game for all of Mountain Camp. All of these exciting events led to a refreshing Cabin Devotion time. Tonight, the campers discussed Mark 9:33-37, a passage in which Jesus calls us to reconsider how we define greatness. They found good news in the fact that we all will be welcomed into God’s Kingdom when we welcome Christ with child-like faith and serve and love one another as brothers.

This evening’s Bible story…
Story: Who is the Greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven?
Scripture: Mark 9:33-37
+ Where do you connect with the story?
+ What’s the good news?

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