Great Day to be a CIT

Chuck Flournoy July 16, 2021

Today was a great day to be a CIT! 

(CIT stands for Counselor-in-Training.)


I got to hang out with them a little this morning and loved every minute of it. Most are long-time Rockmonters, many are Paladins (having achieved the highest rank in camp). They’re right on the cusp of being on the staff, but still want to do camper stuff too.


I was so impressed by their love for Rockmont and their enthusiasm!


The CIT program is designed to train these young men to be members of the Rockmont staff. It’s a two or four-week crash course in doing things The Rockmont Wayan immersion in servant leadership. 


Their day models pretty much what a counselor does: they help Bear camp tables at meals, they assist with skills, they do devotions for various cabins each night. Like everyone does throughout their tenure at Rockmont, they clean, sweep, and mop the dining hall. They work together on projects around camp that leave their mark for the future. There is formal training to develop leadership skills. And this afternoon they’re modeling a day off: they’re in Asheville enjoying the sights and eating dinner out. 


If we’re all doing our job right, every camper’s goal should be to be a staff member at Rockmont. 


Tonight as I write the youngest campers are camping out, Deer Camp is watching an outdoor movie, and the older campers are enjoying an evening free swim. I realize that in all their interactions throughout the day, campers have closely watched the staff around them.


They’ve watched them as they eat the same food, play the same games, blob the same blob. They’ve watched as they’ve shown kindness to campers and other staff, they’ve watched as they went out of their way to notice someone who needed a little extra attention. 


One of these days it will be their turn to be on the staff here, and they will be just as good. They’ve had great role models. I can’t wait. 


I know the CITs will be ready!


Chuck Flournoy

Program Director


P.S.  I found out later from Dan Davis, the head of the CIT program, that our guys joined the Friday afternoon drum circle in Asheville, and ended up leading the crowd in an impromptu congo line. Of course they did!


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