Stan Wilson June 23, 2021

Gratitude is a word that keeps sticking with me this summer.

I’m grateful that camp is happening again, and the gratitude runs a little deeper because it’s been such a hard year for so many. After so much loss and loneliness, it’s beautiful to see and hear people having fun together. I’m grateful for the simple gift of being gathered. 

I also think the word gratitude is on my mind because it looks to me that others are grateful.

A group of our oldest campers, new and veteran, are gathered on the Turtle (the water trampoline), playing a dodgeball game they’ve recently revised.

Every one of them is smiling.

The ball falls in the water regularly, and there’s a race to be the one to get it. The winner gets to fly through the air, trying to land on the ball in the water. When I watch them, it seems like they’re just grateful to be together, here, doing this.


Someone puts an Earth, Wind, and Fire song on the loudspeaker as we enter the dining hall, and everyone shows their moves.

It looks to me like they’re grateful. 


The sounds of the outdoor songfest echoes through the valley. Boys singing together is always beautiful, but this time it sounds, to me, like a song of gratitude


A camper takes off running after his rocket, running uphill into the pasture above the field where the wind has blown the rocket. He seems to be bounding up a steep hill.

Is it just me, or is he also grateful for the chance to stretch out and run with the wind? 

Gratitude is the readiness to receive a gift and to recognize the giver’s generosity in giving it.

Gratitude has always been a quality we try to cultivate here. But this year that work is easier. 


Stan Wilson

Risk Management and Coordinating Director

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