Grateful Days

Josh Drexler August 7, 2014

It’s funny how days and weeks can seem to have a personality of their own. Most often unspoken, moods and emotions spread and embrace us. It’s a good reminder that we’re not alone.

There is a palpable sense of gratitude at camp right now. The summer, this session, was very good…special. Regardless of what people are talking about, that sentiment is what they are talking about. Conversations kick up a wake of gratitude that is hard to avoid. There’s a little bit of magic to it.

There is much to be thankful for. Last night, Deer Camp enjoyed some of the best weather of the summer while camping on the mountain. Cool temperatures encouraged campers to scoot a little closer to the fire. A few clouds would occasionally drift in front of a bright moon to be lit up like a lamp. It was hard not to ponder on glorious subjects.

Last night’s chill quickly gave way to warm sunshine this morning. After a hearty lunch of meatball subs, campers dove into afternoon skills. Their fifth and last time meeting for those skills, campers strove for just a bit more mastery.

This evening, the Birch tribe hurled themselves down the slip’n’slide at Inspiration Point before enjoying a night swim on Lake Eden. Buckeyes painted plaques, leaving their mark on camp, before joining the fun on the Waterfront. Meanwhile, Deer Camp played Gladiator on the northeast side of the lake. Hemlock thickets, long stretches of grass, and a stone dam create an epic setting for an epic game. In Mountain Camp, each cabin was able to pick a unique activity just for their cabin.

The great thing about gratitude is that the well never runs dry. In fact, it seems like the more water you draw, the fuller the well becomes. We trust that the gratitude felt by the campers and counselors right now will spill into the rest of their lives.


Inspired to be at Camp,

Josh Drexler

Today’s Bible Story…
Story: Jesus Came to Serve
Scripture: Mark 10:35-45
+Where do you see yourself in the story?
+What’s the good news?

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