Good Work

Dan Davis July 31, 2018

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”

— Thomas Edison

I offer today’s thoughts as a shout out for our staff.  One of the joys and challenges each year is finding, training, and supporting outstanding staff each summer.  The good news is that there’s no shortage of smart, good-natured, Christian, and caring college students. The challenge is finding these traits in young men and women who have experience working and are willing to do their work for long hours for several weeks. Our staff are asked to play many roles: friend, mentor, parent, teacher, skill leader, and sage. They need to be caring, creative, funny, patient, fierce, and friendly.  If you’ve ever been a camp counselor you know what it’s like to be placed in this role at an early age. The work is both daunting and inspiring.

I think this why the staff find their work so engaging and worthwhile.

We look for young men and women who are eager to invest their lives in others. This is central to our calling as Christians since we are called to “Love one another as I have loved you.” John 13:34.  I am encouraged and inspired daily as I watch our staff show up each day and share God’s love through compassion, sweeping, feeding, hiking, and listening. They are often very funny as well!

Not only are they caring for your son, but they are also developing traits that will serve them and their community well for the rest of their lives.


Thank you for partnering with us in this good work!


Dan Davis


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    Very well said. I was a camp counselor up in northern Wisconsin where I also attended as a camper for four summers, and it was one of the best experiences of my life. Gina and I are so excited to have our twin boys, Palmer and Parker, at Rockmont for the first time. We know they’re going to learn new skills, make new friends and have a blast, but we are most appreciative of the prospect to gain confidence and grow spiritually as Christians. I also wanted to say how impressed we were with how organized, professional, well mannered and outgoing your staff was on drop-off day (Classic 4). With our boys being 8 years old, we are very hopeful that the great manners we witnessed from their counselors will rub off on them! Thank you for your leadership! Best regards, Pete Paddock

    I am amazed every summer to find your Classic 4 staff reved up and ready to go! This year was no different! AJ’s counselor in cabin 42 was full of life and fun! He knew AJ’s name as we got out of the car and where he was from, ready with a story to tell, and questions for us. He made me feel at ease and made AJ feel special by sharing that AJ was a 6th year and he only a 2nd! All that in a brief few minutes. I do worry that they are burned out and ready to go, but he said, “wow, this is going to be so special, we have only 6 so we are really going to get to know one another and have some really great times together.” Again, wow! He shed a new and different light on the fact that some of AJ’s friends were not there that left me feeling really happy about what could happen over the session that I had not considered. Your staff is special. Keep up the good work. God speed, Kirk Rogers

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