Good News

John Crouse August 2, 2021

I love this place.


As I awoke this morning I tread lightly on my way past cabins with campers still snoozing, lest the crunch of gravel disturbs their slumber. Let them store a bit more energy to expend during our all-day skills.


To my surprise, there were no early risers fishing or practicing their Thunderball technique when I arrived on the porch of Eden Hall. So it was that only the call of geese, mist on the lake, and a gorgeous pink sky that greeted me.


Since this day of camp will only happen once, we will squeeze every ounce of fun out of it.


As campers slowly began meandering down from their cabins and casting their lines, the geese took flight and pumped their wings in formation. Circling to gain height, they soared till they disappeared against the black mountains. I couldn’t help but draw the connection between community and strength.


Geese fly in formation in order to reduce air resistance, thus allowing them to save energy and fly farther than they could on their own. As we have hit the halfway mark of our session, and with only two weeks left in the summer overall, I think about the communities that have formed here.


We have had five distinct groups of campers come through this magical place, and one that is still yet to come.


And just like every unique camper group makes Rockmont the special place it is for each session, the foundational community I find myself most grateful for today is our amazing community of staff.


What we ask of our staff is no small thing. We ask that they give themselves to this community.


They freely share their spirit with campers and one another.


They consistently bring energy and pizazz to games, skills, and activities. And that is a lot to ask.


It is even more to give. And like the geese, we could not go as far without everyone flying in formation. We have lifted each other up during this unparalleled summer and we have pushed one another to bring the best version of themselves every day.


It is not lost on me how blessed we are to have such a good-natured, thoughtful, and resilient group of people pouring their hearts and souls into our young men.


While the campers may not notice the intense effort put forth by their counselors, when they reach heights higher than they thought they could reach perhaps they will look back and see what I see. I see young men leading other young men to epic heights and doing it as one flock.


And boy, that is Good News.


John Crouse

Mountain Camp Director

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